Susan Perez


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What People Are Saying:

Kathy Chauncey

"I wasn’t sure I had the time to commit to making a difference in education. As I researched the topic I was overwhelmed with the findings and felt the need to get involved. Under Susan’s guidance I met with two other ladies on weekly zoom sessions. We received a variety of information about what is happening in education locally, statewide, and nationally. One of our first assignments was to interview 4 parents or teachers. My interviewees were all teachers currently or in the past. They all had children or grandchildren in public schools. On the issue of Separation of Church and State, I was surprised that they all had a little confusion as whether that issue was in the Constitution (It is not). They also shared interesting information on teasing/bullying in the schools. Susan’s training provided us with valuable resources and support on how to interact with the school system to provide information and to bring about change."

Anne Ivey


"I really wanted to make a difference in education, but felt helpless. I signed up for Susan’s class in hopes I would get some ideas of how to get involved. She challenged me to take a stand based on my own personality style. She taught me how to up my game on “smack talk” like David did with Goliath, based on my Christian beliefs. I also learned how to overcome negative thoughts about my ability to make a difference using a biblical technique to change my mental thought patterns and resulting actions. Then I was expected to pick a topic, time, and place to actually take a stand and change something in education around me to make it better!"


Lynda Farabee

"I have been out of education for a good 20 years. I wondered what I could do to influence anyone in education, but decided I had to do something because of my grandchildren and their education. I particularly enjoyed the personality assessment as it helped me better interact with others. I wasn’t sure what to focus on to make a difference in education. I met with Susan in a series of 6 small-group sessions. We learned a lot about 10 Things to Know, 10 Things to Say, 10 Things to Do and 10 Ways to Insulate Your (Grand)Children. As a group we surveyed parents and teachers. I searched through my school's online card catalog to identify any books that were not age appropriate or too explicit in content. The school has developed a plan to keep these books in a separated place. We also now have an appointment with our local superintendent to give and get input on serious education topics. I am excited that we are making a difference and have support to do so."